Wednesday, April 22, 2009

62nd Festival de Cannes News

Finally today the 2009 Cannes site is up with new great visuals and some signatures that definitively improve their brand identity, as separates the official logo –that’s only for films and official use- from the material that the media should use.

So for starters I’m, including one cute signature (there are more) and the Official Poster so you can familiarize with the new image for the media that the fest now has.

Since I haven’t mentioned here –but I read it before- I’m sharing with you all that on February 25th in Paris Clint Eastwood was honored with a special Palme d'Or for his amazing career that definitively not only tells him that the fest “loves” him but also is a complement to the Lifetime Achievement Award he received in the 2008 edition. To read the AFP article at the Cannes site go here.

Also if you want to read the official announcement of UP as the opening film, please go here.

On the sad news, it’s most likely that I wont be able to watch the opening ceremony live as will not be broadcasted by TV5; but as last year I’ll be watching when they post the video on line either at the fest official site or the TV Festival site that is here. The last site does not have yet info on this year broadcast, but I assume that soon they will update it.

Okay there are not many news but this is an excuse to include the poster and me browsing allover the site (lol!).

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