Saturday, April 25, 2009

12th Pink Apple Film Festival

Running from April 29 to May 6 in Zurich and from May 7 to 10 in Frauenfeld the fest will screen many LGBT films, most already known to the blog in the lesbian interest genre. Still if you live in or nearby Switzerland and want to check all the films please go here and if you want to browse their very good catalogue go here.

There is one unique opportunity that if I could attend the fest definitively I will not miss. I’m talking about the rare opportunity of watching in the big screen a film that I have not been able to watch in any screen, but I know it’s a must be seen for many, including me. So, what could be better than being able to watch Ulrike Ottinger’s 1989 Johanna d’Arc of Mongolia in the big screen, even if you have seen it in any other screen?

Also in the fest there are many lesbian interest shorts that seem to be must be seen for many; so if you enjoy shorts please take a look to the small blue square that identifies films with lesbian interest and yes, the pink square is for those films with gay interest. Have to say that’s simply great that fest organizers do an excellent job to clearly identify the interest of each film and many fests should follow their example.

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