Monday, March 16, 2009

Les Ambitieux (Ambitious)

If you browse the blog you will find that I do not really like French comedies, but I was able to catch this movie in cable and I kept watching and watching until the end. Yeah, is a breeze romantic comedy but the story behind the comedy was what really got my attention.

This Catherine Corsini film tells about a young writer, Julien, dying to be published. Thanks to connections he gets his book sent to a major publisher and an appointment with an arrogant, snobbish, bitchy Parisian editor, Judith, which tells Julien he’s no good even when she never read the book. But they end up in bed and next morning Julien finds a box with many documents about Judith’s father, a ‘70’s guerrilla revolutionary that dies in combat in one Central American country when trying to kidnap the American ambassador. Julien just found his next story and this triggers a story of betrayal and amour fou with a happy ending -for a change in a French movie. .

Not a masterpiece but quite entertaining with excellent performance by Karin Viard as truly “crazy” Judith Zahn; but also Eric Caravaca does a great weak Julien that grows into a successful writer thanks to “stealing” Judith’s father story.

Anyway if you do not like French comedies –like me- and wish to have a light entertaining moment with a “crazy” fast paced romantic comedy then perhaps you should give this movie a try, as it will not disappoint you.


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