Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bride Wars

Well you know my eclectic taste in movies and once in a while I will watch one romantic comedy just to kill time, perhaps laugh a little and hopefully entertain me a little more. This is really a “mechanical’ comedy that probably many will watch because the leads are Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson, and probably will smile/laugh a little but I believe that mostly will disappoint many as a lame comedy where there is no romance at all… that’s if you are waiting for romance between a man and a woman.

Perhaps is my crazy/crazy imagination but I found this movie to be very-very gay and I’m not the only one as I saw it with a girl friend and we both think that definitively this is one of the gayest straight movies we have seen lately with two females in the lead. And as such is not that bad as really recalls a “relationship” between two girls even when the story does the impossible to show only the tight friendship bond between the two women.

If you do not have high expectations and have wild imagination, perhaps some of my loyal readers that enjoy the lesbian interest genre will also see in this story what my friend and I saw, and if you do probably will enjoy the movie as much as we did… especially if you change the ending just as we also did.

Surely because now I see Anne Hathaway with different eyes after her great role in Rachel Getting Married, but I found her performance quite good and definitively a lot better than Kate Hudson that delivers a one-dimensional performance very similar to many other roles she has done.


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