Sunday, March 22, 2009

27th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival Award Winners

From March 12 to 22 the fest will take place in San Francisco and San Jose. The fest has many interesting Asian and Asian American films, many known to the blog but there are some films that really called my attention and I include them here. I suggest browsing the site as there are many gay interest Asian films and some Women Stories that seem very interesting.

The Panda Candy, Peng Lei, China 2007 – Lesbian interest.
Fruit Fly, H. P. Mendoza, USA - the hijacking of The Umbrellas of Cherbourg???. Lesbian and gay interest.

Here are the films in the Narrative Competition.

*Children of Invention, Tze Chun, USA, 2008 - Special Jury Award
*Half-Life, Jennifer Phang, USA, 2008
- Winner of the Best Narrative Award
Karma Calling
, Sarba Das, USA, 2008
Ocean of Pearls, Sarab Neelam, USA, 2008
The Speed of Life, Ed Radtke, USA, 2007
White Rice, David Boyle, USA, 2009

To check the films, shorts and documentaries in the fest site go here and to check all the award winners please go here.

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