Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2009 Tribeca Film Festival

One of the must publicized news today is how Tribeca announced its lineup and how this fest was affected by recession, as will screen only 86 feature films which means a 28% decline from last year’s fest.

We know that the worldwide recession has to affect festivals and in my vision I see that the real crush has to come next year, as recession was made “public” not long ago and hopefully we still will be able to watch and/or learn about great movies this year, at least those that were filmed late last year and those with committed funds and no withdrawal possibilities. 2010 could be drier, but 2009 has to not be. Let’s be positive.

Anyway this is the fest lineup in the World Narrative Feature Films.

Darbareye Elly (About Elly), Asghar Ferhadi, Iran (seems very interesting)
Accidents Happen, Andrew Lancaster, Australia
The Eclipse, Conor McPherson, Ireland
The Exploding Girl, Bradley Rust Gray, USA
El Niño Pez (The Fish Child), Lucia Puenzo, Argentina, Spain and France (must be seen for me, lesbian interest)
Handsome Harry, Bette Gordon, USA
Tamo i ovde (Here and There), Darko Lunglov, Serbia, Germany and USA
Nord (North), Rune Denstand Laglo, Norway
Joeueuse (Queen to Play), Caroline Bottaro, France and Germany (a must be seen for me as is with Sandrine Bonnaire, but also here Jennifer Beals ???)
Sheva Dakot Be’gan Eden (Seven Minutes in Heaven), Omri Givon, Israel
Stay Cool, Michael Polish, USA
Vegas: Based on a True Story, Amir Naderi, USA

To check info about the above films and the films in the World Documentary Feature Films and Discovery Section go here.

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