Monday, March 02, 2009

19th Melbourne Queer Film Festival

From March 18 to 29 the fest will take place in Australia. Described as the largest queer film festival in Australia, the second largest film festival in Victoria, and one of the oldest queer fest in the world this year will screen a wide variety of movies, shorts and documentaries.

I suggest you browse the very user friendly site and select in the identity box the genre you’re interested. Here is an example of the lesbian interest search.

Candy Rain
Drifting Flowers
To Each Her Own
I Can’t Think Straight
The Secrets
Love for Share
To Faro
That Tender Touch
2 Mums and a Dad
For My Wife
Water Lillies

There are many interesting movies that I haven’t seen yet and I suggest that if you live in –or nearby- Melbourne to do not miss the opportunity to watch as many films as you can.

To check all the films go here.

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