Tuesday, March 17, 2009

13th Sofia International Film Festival Award Winners

Recently the fest had the awards ceremony and here are the winners.

Grand Prix for Best Feature Film: For My Father, Dror Zahavi (Germany-Israel) ... is a brave film dealing with impossible love with humor and humanism.
Special Jury Award: "Zift," Yavor Gardev (Bulgaria)

Best Bulgarian Feature Film: "Zift," Yavor Gardev (Bulgaria
The No Man’s Land Award for Best Balkan Film: My Marlon and Brando, Hueseyin Karabey, Turkey, Netherlands and UK, 2008

Best Director: Ozcan Aler for "Autumn,"(Germany-Turkey)
FIPRESCI Award: "The Happiest Girl in the World," Radu Jude (Romania)

Audience Award: Achilles and the Tortoise, Takeshi Kitano, Japan

To check the winners in all categories go here. Wish I could understand Bulgarian as there are quite a few movies that I really wish to see, like Zift.

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