Saturday, February 28, 2009

Two Lovers

Okay I will admit it. Sometimes I have “problems” watching movies that tell stories about men; the opposite is that I almost have no “problem” with stories about women… But definitively this man story gave me no problem as since the first scene, when Leonard tries to commit suicide, grabbed my attention, all my feelings were absolutely touched and I so gladly embarked in this extremely good voyage about damaged people.

Definitively helped a lot that Joaquin Phoenix played Leonard and if is true that this is his last movie, I will surely miss him, especially because this very touching performance. Also Gwyneth Paltrow (Michelle) and Vanessa Shaw (Sandra) have remarkable performances as his love interest performing two very opposite women types.

This James Gray movie tells about Leonard going back to live with her parents after the parents of his ex-fiancé suspended the wedding due to genetic incompatibility. But he’s a true mess that comes to life when he meets his new vivacious neighbor Michelle and perhaps less interested but still attracted to, Sandra the daughter of the future business partner of his father. But you really have to see how Joaquin Phoenix is shifty, selfish, vulnerable, uncertain and keen to love someone again; he truly is remarkable. Also the story looks/feels like a good old-fashion tale that if not because the use of cells and computers will look definitively timeless.

The film has excellent production values plus a nice cinematography with very good framing and views of always nice to discover again and again New York City. Worth to mention is Isabella Rossellini great performance with amazing expresions and some quite funny moments. The movie premiered in 2008 Cannes film festival were was in competition for the Golden Palm, has been honored in many festivals and awards including a nomination for best foreign film at the 2009 Cesar Awards.

The movie definitively is best suited for mature audiences that enjoy solid good storytelling dramas with excellent performances by great actors.


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