Friday, February 13, 2009

Rachel Getting Married

This was an unexpected surprise as the movie is interesting and attention grabber even when is about a wedding and gee I definitively do not like weddings, much less those that are definitively truly American. But this is not your regular wedding when Kym (Anne Hathaway) is released -from her 10th or so rehabilitation “try”-for a weekend to attend her sister biracial wedding.

Incredibly good performance by Anne Hathaway that you cannot take your eyes from her with moments that are hilarious and others that are heartbreaking, but there was one moment that her performance at the dinner table made very uncomfortable and embarrassed up to the point of me trying to “close” my ears… that’s how good she is.

Jonathan Demme did such a good work with the storytelling that you end up feeling like you’re just another guest, but most interesting is the hand held camera takes that totally take you inside the movie and allows unexpected turns to the story and to your walking inside the movie. Still according to what I read, most viewers couldn’t stand the movement and most claim that the movie make them dizzy, so if you haven’t watch mainly European hand held camera movies be prepared to not have still images the complete 114 minutes the movie lasts.

The movie has good cinematography but what makes it outstanding is the amazing use of the camera to introduce you inside the movie plus the storytelling that is not constantly funny or constantly high tense drama, is a little like a rollercoaster with ups and downs that ease the watching of the story and movie.

The movie has up-to-date 9 wins and 18 nominations most for Anne Hathaway performance that includes a nomination for Best Actress at the Oscars and honestly she truly deserves the nomination. But also the script written by Jenny Lumet (yes, she’s Sydney daughter) has many nominations and won the 2008 NYFCC Award for Best Screenplay; then Rosemarie DeWitt that plays Rachel also has nominations and won the 2008 Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actress. To check most of the nominations and awards this movie has been collecting please browse the blog.

I do recommend the movie for the story but most of all for the amazing storytelling technique with the hand held camera that totally introduces you inside the movie.


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