Monday, February 02, 2009

Deux jours à tuer (Love Me No More)

Intense, very intense. French cinema is alive and well. Great dramatic movie with an excellent performance by Albert Dupontel in a role that will drive you either nuts or envious, crazy or jealous; the first because you don’t understand what’s happening and the second, how many times have you wished to just tell the plain truth? You will not understand his actions but in the last minutes everything comes to place and I wish I could tell you about the great finale but this is a movie that you have to watch not knowing much about it to enjoy it as much as possible.

This Jean Becker film tells about an advertising man that on his birthday suddenly changes his behavior and starts to tell everyone the truth, which of course no one wants or likes to hear. Quits his job, discusses with his wife and fights with his friends, then leaves everything behind and goes on a road trip to meet his father. That’s exactly what happens in the screen, except for the finale; but no matter what I tell you about the story, this is one story that you have to see to follow mesmerizing Albert Dupontel performance as Antoine.

As a movie has great urban cinematography, but when the movie moves to Ireland becomes spectacular. But this is a movie about actor’s performances, especially about one actor performance so it is not surprising that Dupontel has been honored with nominations for Best Actor at the 2008 Prix Lumiéres and the 2009 César.

After watching some French movies that were not exactly what I love about French cinema, this movie came as a breeze of fresh -but intense- air and of course I do recommend the film to everyone that loves very French movies with excellent performances.


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