Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coming Soon

For those so kind to ask me if I haven’t seen any movies because I’m not posting the reviews I have to tell them and all of you that yes, I have been seeing movies but unfortunately I haven’t had the necessary time to do the reviews due to my traveling and not really having my head in the right place to write (lol!).

But so I do not forget let me share the movies that will have a review “soon”…

The Day the Earth Stood Still, Scott Derrickson, USA, Canada and Australia, 2008 – Really bad!
Breakfast with Scot, Laurie Lynd, Canada, 2007 – fun to watch entertaining gay interest film

Yao a yao yao dao waipo qiao (Shanghai Triad), Zhang Yimou, France and China, 1995 – not only is a Zhang Yimou film but Gong Li is the star – Fantastic!!! A must be seen for Zhang Yimou and Gong Li fans.
Qiu Ju da guan si (The Story of Qiu Ju), Zhang Yimou, China and Hong Kong, 1992 – simply beautiful and compelling drama of a determined woman played by none other that Gong Li… yes I’m watching her movies and still have a few more to see.

I’ll be adding more titles as soon as I see them and/or finally write the reviews…

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