Tuesday, February 24, 2009

32nd Japan Academy Prize Winners

Since today I miraculously have a quiet moment, I decided to review all the posts with awards nominations that I haven’t posted the winners. So if you browse the blog you will find that I updated many posts with the winners.

As mentioned when I posted the nominees, I do not read Japanese but from different sources I found the winners that were announced around February 27th and here they are.

Best Picture: Departures
Best Animated Picture: Ponyo
Best Director: Yojiro Takita (Departures)
Best Screenplay: Kundo Koyama (Departures)
Best Actor: Masahiro Motoki (Departures)
Best Actress: Tae Kimura (All Around Us)
Best Supporting Actor: Tsutomu Yamazaki (Departures)
Best Supporting Actress: Kimiko Yo (Departures)
Best Music: Joe Hisaishi (Ponyo)
Best Cinematography: Takeshi Hamada (Departures)
Best Lighting Direction: Hitoshi Takaya (Departures)
Best Art Direction: Towako Kuwajima (Paco & the Magical Book)
Best Sound Recording: Satoshi Ozaki, Osamu Onodera (Departures)
Best Film Editing: Akimasa Kawashima (Departures)
Best Foreign Language Film: The Dark Knight

If you read Japanese please check the winners here and if you find something wrong in the post please let me know. Google translator gives very awkward and/or literal translations. Thanks.

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