Wednesday, February 25, 2009

23rd London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

From March 25 to April 5 the fest will take place in London and they will be screening some movies that premiered at the recent Berlinale, so if you live around London I suggest you do not miss the early opportunity to see some lesbian interest movies that seem could be interesting. Here are some of the movies they will screen.

Opening Night Gala: Pusinky (Dolls), (Lesbian Interest)
Closing Night Gala: Baby Love (Gay Interest)
Centerpiece Screenings
Ghosted, Monika Treut (Lesbian Interest)
Burn The Bridges, (Gay Interest)

Après lui, Gaël Morel, France – Starring Catherine Deneuve – “sexuality is not the focus here. Instead, director Gaël Morel (À Toute Vitesse, Le Clan) and co-writer Christophe Honoré (Les Chansons d’amour) have put together a beautifully controlled meditation on the suffocating nature of grief, driven by a remarkable performance from Deneuve at the film's centre.” Definitively a must be seen for me (Gay Interest)

Bandaged, Maria Beatty, Germany and USA, 2009 (Lesbian Interest) Seems interesting even when is “old-style horror”; read the synopsis here.

Born in ’68, Jacques Martineau and Olivier Ducastel, France, 2008 Starring Laetitia Casta, not sure but I think is Gay Interest. A must be seen for me and I know is not suited for all audiences as running time is 170 minutes! Read synopsis here.

Fuera de Carta (Chef’s Special), Nacho G. Veililla, Spain; starring Javier Camara and is a Gay Interest comedy that definitively I will see. Read synopsis here.

To Faro, Nana Neul, Germany, 2008 (the so-called German Boys Don’t Cry – Lesbian Interest)

There are more movies in the Europe section but I listed the ones that called my attention. In the World section there are some lesbian interest documentaries and movies, like Dreams Deferred: Sakia Gunn Film Project, The Secrets, Lion’s Den, Steam, To Each Her Own, Tru Loved, Lady Trojans, Fucking Different Tel Aviv, black./womyn.: conversations with lesbians of African descent, and “funny” Bi the Way. Great program, isn’t?? Check info for each film here

If you like shorts –as much as I do- check the shorts especially in the following compilations.

Choices - A programme of shorts addressing the highs and lows of lesbian life, in amusing and heartwarming ways.
Girls, Gifts and Getaways - The women in these shorts are looking for a lover, a change in their relationship or a way to escape.

But there are other lesbian interest shorts in the other compilations that you can check here.

Unfortunately I have to publish this post right now and I won’t be able to check the other sections for more lesbian interest films. But I know there are more. This is an incredible good fest with many LGTB films and a good selection of lesbian interest movies, documentaries and shorts. Great!!!

The link to all the section is here.


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