Monday, January 12, 2009


Some of you probably remember that I have a hard time with American animated movies, so would not be surprised if it’s until now that I decided to give a try to this movie. In general, I enjoyed the movie as time passed by fast. But I have an issue with the story message that I clearly see as a green message, but somehow I also see a message that tells us that no matter what we do to planet Earth, even if it takes 700 years someone will come to start everything again. But I know that what probably touches viewers more is the love story between WALL-E and EVE.

I feel proud of myself as I was able to watch it completely without falling asleep and that’s a big accomplishment when most animated movies only are able to give me a good nap. Seriously, the movie is entertaining and the graphics animations are interesting. Still, I find that the story is not as emotional and moving like previous years animated movies from Pixar, Disney or other studios.

I imagine that the movie will be nominated in the Academy Awards; but if like some are commenting today after the Golden Globes, this movie has to compete against Waltz With Bashir, then probably things could get complicated and perhaps will not be a sure win.


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