Friday, January 30, 2009

Solar Flare

I really do not want to waste too many words with this awful film that has been marketed as lesbian interest when definitively is not at all and I have to agree with someone that commented that “just because an actress has played lesbian characters” does not mean that everything else she plays is “lesbian”. The person is referring to Michelle Clunie from the TV series Queer as Folk that plays one of the two female leads.

But worst is that here! Films (a well-known LGTB film company) releases a misleading movie poster and in the earlier synopsis included that Clunie character is a lesbian mother struggling to give her son an education that she never had, so her last job –she gets fired- is as a bouncer in a strip joint (??!!).

If you forget about all the lesbian interest stuff, then you have a below B-movie that is not worth even for TV as is terribly acted, special effects are really primitive/awful, and perhaps the only so-so thing is the story that probably those that like sci-fi movies could have liked if the production values were not so poor as in this movie, even when surely had a very low budget.

If you skip this movie you will not be missing a thing.

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