Friday, January 16, 2009

Reform School Girl

I really do not know what to write about this movie… that definitively is a B-movie (or less) and honestly I laughed just watching how bad it is. Nevertheless is surprisingly “watchable” and you will be amazed just by seeing a very young Matt LeBlanc performing quite not well! Still there are two most interesting things in this movie, first the music while Donna is running as has been so long since I hear this type of jazz; the second and most important is an out-of-the-blue fantastic scene with Donna and Carmen making love! Just because this scene I do recommend the movie.

This is a 1994 made for TV movie that is a remake of a 1957 sexplotation raw drama that if you enjoy the genre probably the original has to be better than this remake, as is described as a “raw and intense social drama”, but who knows as I don’t really like the genre. Anyway, tells about a young girl that was at the wrong place with the wrong guy and ends in a reform school for girls where she learns about herself and the kind of woman she wants to be in the future.

If you have no expectations and let yourself go with the movie you probably will watch until the end and will feel that time just flew away while you had a funny entertaining moment, except for a few minutes that are really outstanding for when it was relased on TV and for today.


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