Thursday, January 08, 2009

Mi Guo (Lost Indulgence)

I’m glad that I saw this movie as now I know that not all young Chinese filmmakers belong to what has been called as the Sixth Generation so now I grasp more style elements that belong to them and that are not necessarily present in other directors. This movie has incredible visuals of urban settings near the Yangtze river, but as far as I’m starting to understand that’s all that has in common with the real directors of the Sixth Generation.

In the movie of Jia Zhang ke, for example, the storytelling is attention grabber almost instantly even when maybe you do not care or are interested in the story, you end up involved by his total storytelling style. This does not happen win Yibai Zhang and Mi Guo. I was not really interested in the story as since the very beginning and with my wild imagination I exactly guessed the key elements of the “thrilling” part of the story and the “coming of age” part of the story became very tedious quite fast. In my opinion Zhang does not do much to grab viewers attention or interest as watching amazing images is not enough to sustain the movie. The story is about a young woman that comes to live with a mother and her son after she was in a taxi accident; the woman’s husband drove the taxi.

I won’t spend many words with this movie, as is one that I do not recommend because the director lacks storytelling skills.

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