Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Los Girasoles Ciegos (The Blind Sunflowers)

Apparently the novel by Alberto Mendez is a great award-wining novel that moved many that have read it, but you can hardly tell from this terrible film that according to what I read is focused only in one character, the priest that’s terribly performed by an actor that needs to learn to act. But even if he was a good actor the non-interesting dialogues makes this movie a true melodramatic sleeper that definitively does not convey any of the real drama of the ‘40’s Spain when Franco was newly in power.

Most impressive is that this is Spain submission to the Academy Awards and whatever criteria the Spanish Academy used definitively was biased, as even as a movie is below average or perhaps during 2008 Spanish movies are worst than this one, but I doubt there could be a worst movie than this one.

If you skip this movie you will not be missing much.

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