Monday, January 19, 2009

Happening this Week

This is a quite busy week and here are some reasons why.

The first I have to mention -even if has nothing to do with the awards season- is that definitively I cannot miss History in the making and tomorrow I’ll watch and pay lots of attention to Barack Obama inaugural speech.

The second happens next Thursday at 5:30am PT when the Academy finally announces the nominations and the Oscars become the game to play for a month or so.

The third is next Sunday at 8pm ET when TNT and TBS will broadcast live the 15th SAG Awards, that I’ll have to record after the first hour as the second episode of the sixth and last season of The L Word airs and definitively I’m watching the second episode of The United States of Tara with amazing Toni Collette.

There are a few more things happening in between and I’ll keep you informed.


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