Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Guitar

What would you do if you’re diagnosed with inoperable cancer, two months to live and in the same day you’re fired and your bf dumps you? I suppose each of us will find our answer and this film gives a fairy-tale answer related to fulfilling your dreams. But actually I see it like a suggestion to get a huge flat, install a phone and start to ask for delivery of absolutely everything and then have sex with the delivery guy and the pizza girl. You will get cured for sure (lol!).

Actually the movie is entertaining and visually interesting as long as Amy Redford (yes, Robert Redford daughter) uses a predominantly monochromatic palette, when she starts to use hot colors the story becomes not only predictable but also less interesting and visuals lose impact.

Still I believe that is a movie that some will enjoy, as the fairy tale message is not that bad: change everything in your life and follow your dreams or finally do whatever you want to do before you have to face mortality.

There is a brief lesbian interest moment that comes totally out of the blue (or should I say red?), but is not interesting to watch and the way they resolve the encounter with pizza girl is totally absurd. So I cannot give label.

I was expecting a more interesting story and movie, as the film has been in competition in several international fest after being premiered in 2008 Sundance and winning the Best Film Award at the Molodist 38 fest. I think that the movie is more interesting visually as has many very interesting frame compositions and while Melody (Saffron Burrows) is sick and she’s filling the loft with objects, the movie is quite enjoyable to watch. But as I mentioned, as soon as she finishes “furnishing” the loft and hot colors start to appear visuals become a lot less interesting.

I can only recommend this movie for entertaining purposes and if you’re in the mood for a predictable fairy tale.


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