Saturday, January 03, 2009

Body of Lies

I’m not sure why I decide to watch this movie, but probably because three names together: Ridley Scott, Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe and if that was the reason then I believe that Ridley Scott did a poor job directing this film, as well as DiCaprio and Crowe as this spy story looks and feels so much like many other similar stories that you’re able to predict everything that happens up to the moment when you will have explosions, chase, torturing, etc. In other words, is very formulaic and the director, the screenplay writer and actors did nothing to make it less out of the box success formula.

Tells about field CIA Roger Ferris (DiCaprio) a true puppet of his Washington based boss (Crowe) that obviously becomes disenchanted with Washington politics/actions in the Middle-East because, among other things, he falls for an Arab woman! What can be more formulaic than this plot?

Anyway is a little entertaining and was okay to watch if you need or want escape time; but if you’re expecting thrills you better skip it.


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