Saturday, January 31, 2009

44th Solothurn Film Festival Winners

While browsing the site of this fest I came to realize that I need to watch more Swiss films as since I started this blog haven’t seen that many. The fest runs from January 19 to 25 in Switzerland. These are the films competing for the Prix de Soleure.

Du Bruit dans la tête, Vincent Pluss
Happy New Year, Christoph Schaub
In die Welt, Constantin Wulff, documentary
Home, Ursula Meier (must be seen)
La Fortresse, Fernand Melgar, documentary
No More Smoke Signals, Fanny Brauning, documentary Winner of the Prix de Soleure 2009
Pausenlos, Dieter Granicher, documentary
März, Handi Klaus (must be seen)

Other Winner
Prix du Public: Maman est chez le coiffeur, Lea Pool, Canada

To check all the films in the fest go here. Be sure to check page 15 with all the information about the Léa Pool Retrospective that includes screening of Maman est Chez le Coiffeur, Anne Trister, Emporte-moi, Lost and Delirious, La Demoiselle Sauvage, Mouvements du Désir, A Corps Perdu, La Femme de l’Hôtel, Rispondetemi and Strass Café. If you live nearby I suggest you do not miss the rare opportunity of watching her earlier movies in the big screen, especially visually outstanding Anne Trister.

To browse the official site go here and select the language of your preference. All the winners are posted only in the French and German version of the site.

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