Tuesday, January 06, 2009

23e Festival Gay & Lesbien de Belgique

From January 15 to 24 the fest will take place in Brussels and will show many interesting films and shorts. Here are the films and shorts that will be screened in the lesbian interest genre.

I can't think straight
A jihad for love
Dead gay Man and living Lesbian
Do I love you
Dolls (Pusinky)
Drifting flowers
Eroktavision (Les Femmes de la Côte Ouest)
It's (STILL) Elementary
Itty bitty tity committee
No end (senza fine)
Out of season
Sens Interdits
So called Equals
The Secrets
The Sex movie
Tick tock lullaby
The World Unseen
Breaking up really sucks
Dani and Alice
Getting to know you
Gillery's little secret
Gravedigger (Le Fossoyeur)
Remember the eyes

I suggest you download the pdf file with the program (available only in French), as has better information about the movies, the events and the festival in general. To read about each movie go here. There are two or three new movies that could be very interesting and that’s good news, isn’t?

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