Monday, December 15, 2008

XXIII Goya Awards News

From some official press releases at the Spanish Academy site I was able to identify seven Latin American films that are considered for the selection of the four that will be nominated for Best Latin American Film.

Acné, Federico Veiroj, Uruguay, 2007
Aniceto, Leonardo Favio, Argentina, 2008
El enemigo, Luis Alberto Lamata, Venezuela, 2008
La buena vida, Andrés Wood, Chile, 2008
Lake Tahoe, Fernando Eimbcke, México, 2008
Perro come perro, Carlos Moreno, Colombia, 2008
Una sombra al frente, Augusto Tamayo San Román, Peru, 2008

There are other press releases with the long list of European movies and other categories that if you browse the site you will find them if you’re interested and can’t wait as nominations will be announced next Wednesday, December 17 and I will post them for the major categories. Academy site is here available only in Spanish.

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