Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wendy and Lucy

This is a very simple story told in the most unexpected great way about a young drifter, her faithful dog Lucy and the beautiful wide-open spaces of the Pacific Northwest. Without many words, beautiful silences, excellent expression performances, good cinematography, Kelly Reichardt directing and storyteller abilities are at her best to make this movie one not to miss if you enjoy simple, unpretentious and slow paced films that tell a compelling story, not necessarily about a dog and a young woman, but about the courage to take hard decisions and situations that evolve when you’re looking for a better future in hard times.

Definitively the story is especially relevant now that we have a worldwide recession, but also could be sad for those that have or had strong bond with dogs or pets in general.

Performance by Michelle Williams is great as she tells with expressions what words could never tell and in an American movie the use of expressions instead of words is not common, so it becomes a positive surprise especially because Williams does an excellent job transmitting viewers’ emotions.

The movie has become the indie find of the year with many festivals and awards honoring the film since premiered in competition at the Un Certain Regard parallel program of 2008 Cannes like Toronto Film Critics awarding the 2008 Best Film and Best Actress awards, AFI naming the film one of the 10 Movies of the Year, NBR naming it one of the Top Independent films of 2008; and the 2008 Independent Spirit Awards nominating the film for Best Feature and Michelle Williams for Best Female Lead.

I recommend the movie as a must be seen for many that read the blog, but I suggest to see beyond the evident story of a young woman and her dog as if you don’t the story could be quite sad and could be difficult to find the uplifting message the story has.


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