Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Un Conte de Noël (A Christmas Tale)

Some of you know about my strong love and fascination for French cinema and perhaps will be surprised when I say that this Arnaud Desplechin is an excellent movie, but I didn’t enjoy it much. Think that what really bother me was the story that definitively I don’t see as a “dysfunctional” family story, I see the story as about a truly damaged family.

Tells the story of the Vuillard’s family that because the death of their second child and their inability to really overcome the death, they become damaged goods that unequivocally damage all their three surviving children lives. The drama happens as the extended family members are older and they get together at the Vuillard north of France house a couple of days before Christmas.

The movie has an outstanding cast ensemble and have to admit that performances are more than excellent that definitively helped me to watch until the end, with special mention to Emmanuelle Devos that truly steals the screen when she’s performing. Also performances by Catherine Deneuve and Mathieu Almaric are outstanding.

Then I liked the movie style, actually there are many styles in this movie and that’s what makes it more interesting. Almost each family member story has its own movie style with different camera approaches, lighting, pace, etc. Definitively Desplechin displayed great skills to successfully integrate so many styles.

I know it happens, sometimes excellent movies do not move viewer’s because of the story they tell and once in a while it happens to me, my regret is that it happened with a good movie, a great cast ensemble and especially, because it’s French Cinema.

Anyway, the movie has many honors and accolades since was premiered in competition at the 2008 Cannes and please browse the blog to find many of them.

Even when I did not liked the story, obviously I do recommend the movie to those that enjoy watching strong family dramas in excellent French cinema.


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