Saturday, December 13, 2008

Swing Vote

As I’m in an entertaining mood I decided to give a try to this movie that I imagine was released in August 2008 because the then upcoming Presidential elections in the USA as is all about the importance of voting, people that do not care to vote, what candidates can say and do to gain votes to win (which they do not mean at all) and other issues that I somehow find too preachy to be memorable and impact viewers to motivate them to participate in the real thing.

Most critics relate this movie to Frank Capra movies; well, the story could be “Capraesque” but the film as a film is not at all. Even when has good production values, it does not feel nor look anything Capra as performances are average, cinematography missed many moments that could have been better and the director didn’t paid much attention to details.

This is an average movie with good intentions but not that effective in transmitting viewers the important message. There is one thing I do enjoyed, young Madeline Carroll performance as Molly as was not only above average but also was able to do it remarkably above the not so interesting role dialogues she had to say. Kevin Costner character was disgusting and he did his best to make him disgusting, but most moments he just looked silly and not credible.

Not a great movie, but perhaps in four years you could give the movie a try and maybe will motivate you to vote in the next Presidential elections.


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