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Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Gee this movie is really violent and disturbing but have to admit that is thrilling and engaging until I was unlucky enough to guess too early what was going on. But according to what I read, most viewers were lucky enough to be surprised by the unexpected twist.

So, if you do not mind really violent thrillers that can keep you at the edge of your seat then this second film by Jennifer Chambers Lynch movie is definitively for you.

The film tells about two FBI agents, Elizabeth Anderson (Julia Ormond) and Sam Hallaway (Bill Pullman) tracking a serial killer and arriving at a local police station in the Santa Fe desert where they interrogate three eyewitnesses that each tell a different story from what you will watch in the screen while they’re giving their declarations. The eyewitnesses are a police officer, a drug addict and an eight-year old little girl that saw the killing of her whole family. What follows is really thrilling but also is very violent and at times disgusting; but then, the film is done with the most spectacular cinematography, excellent camera work, great framing, great pace and superb performances by all actors’, especially the little girl played by Ryan Simpkins.

Executive producer is David Lynch and yes, Jennifer is his daughter that seems to prefer the horror genre, as her previous film Boxing Helena was not only very unusual but also sadistic. Surveillance co written by Jennifer is also very unusual and quite sadistic, but somehow as with her previous movie you will watch with your eyes glued to the screen and with high amounts of true shock.

According to what I read the movie went to make history at the 2008 New York City Horror Film Festival when Jennifer Lynch became the first female to win Best Director and Ryan Simpkins became the first child to win the Best Actress Award at the fest. Then the film won the top award at 2008 Sitges Film Festival and was premiered at the Midnight’s screening section of 2008 Cannes.

This is a film I do recommend to those that like to watch films with great tech specs, great performances, and thrilling story that belong to the crime, thriller and horror genres. If you do not like the genres (like me) I suggest you give the movie a try, as perhaps will thrill and entertain you as much as I was.

Even when I guessed too early what was going on I was still able to “enjoy” this movie as the tech specs and performances are so convincing that I really didn’t mind guessing the great plot twist before I should.


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