Monday, December 29, 2008

In Bruges

I heard about this movie a long time ago but decided to skip it as I imagined was going to be an action silly movie. But since it started to get nominations, decided to check the movie and truly it was a huge surprise as this is a dark comedy that will engage you in the plot even when you will probably will guess what comes next.

Tells about two Irish hit men that after a difficult job are send to hide in Bruges, Belgium a town that looks like a medieval fairy tale and you will have your tourist tour of most of the cute city while Ken (Brendan Gleeson) enjoys the sightseeing and Ray (Colin Farell) is mad as hell. They are waiting the boss Harry’s (Ralph Fiennes) call to be able to return to London and while they wait thing slowly start to happen and get hectic when Harry finally arrives to Bruges.

As I do enjoy dark comedies I found the movie is entertaining with nice cinematography from that very nice looking city and first time helmer Martin McDonagh did a very good job with the movie and the screenplay he wrote, enough to keep your attention to see what this two amazing characters will do next and when is funny is hilarious, while when is serious it’s powerful.

Good performances by Gleeson, Fiennes and Farell (and I don’t particularly like Farell but here he does well) make the ride enjoyable but most of all entertaining. So definitively it was a surprise to find that this is a dark comedy and yes, there are some violent scenes that will make you jump from your seat, but at least has a sarcastic funny ending.

Not a masterpiece but a very entertaining movie with good tech specs, performances and screenplay writer/director.


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