Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gran Torino

Definitively the race for Best Actor at the Academy Awards is becoming very interesting as yes Clint Eastwood gives a remarkable performance that in a way recalls Dirty Harry and how Harry could look and behave today. But what really amazes me is Clint Eastwood the actor, director and storyteller that truly excels beyond any expectations with a movie that is so different to his previous, looks/feels like movies that Hollywood does not want to do anymore and yet, he accomplishes another great production that will make you laugh (there are some good comedy moments very Archie Bunker alike), will make you think and most of all will highly entertain you.

I truly believe that no other actor in the planet could have succeeded in a role like this one and do it so credible and convincing, as goes from being an awful grunting bigot to a very human and likeable old man. What could have been an easily non-credible change of heart, in this movie becomes a moving drama that could make you shred a tear or two and I’m saying this when there are guns, strong language, cursing, etc. allover the movie. That’s definitively remarkable.

Directed by Clint Eastwood the movie tells a good American story about recently widowed Walt Kowalski that has nothing in common with his two successful sons deciding to stay in his house in a neighborhood that now belongs to racial minorities and him finding that his Hmong next door neighbor kids have more things in common with him than his own kids. As expected he slowly “melts” with Sue and Tao but definitively is something that you have to watch to grasp how a great actor can convince viewers of the change the character goes in the screen.

After reading about the movie discovered that was shoot in only five weeks and honestly the production values tell about a modest production under Hollywood standards, but definitively this is a movie to watch for the outstanding Eastwood performance and his fabulous directing skills as all the Hmong characters are played by non-actors and they perform quite well, especially Ahney Her that plays Sue Lor.

The movie has a nomination for Best Original Song at the Golden Globes and absolutely is one good song that called my attention and made me completely watch the end credits listening to the lyrics and music. The 2008 NBR honored Clint Eastwood with the Best Actor award and Nick Schenk with the Best Screenplay-Original, and the movie is one the ten best in his list. I believe that the honors are well deserved as the screenplay and performances are compelling and remarkable. Definitively this movie will get more honors in the current award season and won’t surprise me if Clint Eastwood gets a nomination for Best Actor in the Academy Awards but I know that this category is becoming very competitive with excellent performances by many well known actors and there are only five slots.

I strongly recommend this movie for entertainment purposes as time really flies while watching, but also is a must be seen for Clint Eastwood outstanding performance.


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