Friday, December 12, 2008


Excellent movie that even when many of us know the outcome and perhaps some of us still remember the real interviews, the smart screenplay that gives you insightful behind the scenes before the interviews plus excellent performances by all (and I mean all) actors grabs you since the very beginning and slowly enough takes you in a thrilling and exhilarating build up into the final act.

As many of you know the movie is based in Peter Morgan play with him also writing the screenplay and tells about Nixon resignation and David Frost getting the interview idea to help him advance his career again in America after his show was cancelled. But whatever I tell you about the story will not give you an idea of how everything is portrayed in the screen, as this is a movie about performances and outstanding directing by Ron Howard.

I’m a huge fan of Frank Langella and have seen many of his movies and some plays; but I believe that this is his most impressive performance as definitively he does not look like Nixon and in the movie you really see Nixon and not Frank Langella performing Nixon. That’s amazing, remarkable and all the nominations he will get are more than well deserved. Bravo!

But Micheal Sheen does an outstanding performance and at moments in the screen I was seeing the real David Frost, it was eerie and confirms that he’s a great actor when performing with good directors and excellent scripts. Great supporting performances by Olive Platt, Kevin Bacon, Sam Rockwell, Toby Jones and Rebecca Hall complement the excellent casting of this movie.

As a movie, the most interesting and effective tech spec is editing that gives you a feeling of seeing a documentary at times, but the sets have great attention to detail that totally recreates the ‘70s.

The movie was premiered at the 2008 London Film Festival has nominations for Best Film and Langella for Best Actor in all the major awards that have announced their nominations and will be no surprise if gets nominations in the upcoming Academy Awards.

Definitively one of the best movies I have seen about recent American history as the story was made compelling, interesting and most of all highly entertaining, which is very unusual in most movies that deal with American Presidents serious stories. If you do not remember Peter Morgan, let me remind you that he also wrote the script for The Queen and seems he's becoming the best script player when it comes to tell stories about heads of state.

I highly recommend this movie to everyone that saw the real interviews and for those that know nothing or little about the real events, I also recommend it as you will not only learn about the real events (the interviews are real recreations) but also will see a great and entertaining movie with excellent performances.

Big Enjoy!!!

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