Thursday, December 18, 2008


A long time ago I “discovered” the Following gadget in Blogger and started to learn about it by using it. As of today I’m following a few blogs that I like to read on daily basis and the feature is really interesting in Google Reader (has a very useful translator as I follow some Chinese and other languages I do not understand blogs) and more in the Dashboard that those that have blogs will know what it is.

So, a couple of days ago I decided to silently incorporate the gadget to this blog and today I had the pleasant surprise to find that the blog has one follower: SolShine7.

One of the Blogger instructions to use the gadget is to let “everyone” know about it. As some of you have noticed in the two years I have been sharing my thoughts and views about movies as well as about other industry related issues, I tend to be “shy” more than “outgoing”, but I’m going to try to change and be more open at least with this blog.

That’s why as of today I’m openly telling you loyal readers that we can start to “meet” each other if you wish to do so and let you know that in the first column after the counter you can find the Followers gadget that you can use to start following the blog

I thank SolShine for all the interesting comments done in many posts and for being the first blog follower. If you double click her picture you will be taken to her profile and you will find a list of her blogs that I suggest you check, especially Reel Artsy that has interesting point of views.

I hope many of you accept the “invitation” to get to know each other and perhaps start to develop a Movie-On community that when grows maybe I’ll incorporate some easy to use community tools.

Please feel free to comment about this post, the Following gadget, if you’re interested in belonging to communities, and any other related subject as I would truly like to hear your opinions, ideas and comments. Okay, for those comment "shy" you can e-mail me, but I invite my known readers to all start to be a little more "open" in this blog...


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