Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cadillac Records

I won’t spend much time commenting this movie that I found to be very below average and the only things I enjoyed was the brief story about the Rolling Stone, learning more about Chuck Berry and some scenes with Adrien Brody. What it’s outstandingly bad is the performance by Beyonce and she truly has to realize that she cannot act, either she takes acting lessons or should only concentrate in singing.

I like music movies and did highly enjoyed Dreamgirls (not because Beyonce) but this movie left me thinking that films based in true stories (with many artistic licenses) should find better producers (Beyonce was the executive producer) that make sure the performances, the screenplay and all the tech specs have the highest quality possible, no matter what budget they have.

This could have been a compelling story as I can imagine the drama behind all the characters, but unfortunately in this production all I can imagine was not there.

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