Sunday, December 14, 2008

Burn After Reading

Some of you remember that I do not “understand” (consequently, don't like) American humor so it is no surprise that this movie didn’t make laugh -or at least smile- with all the silly (or idiotic as some call it) situations shown. But obviously there are many allover the world that likes American humor and love Joel and Ethan Coen peculiar humor style and for those, according to what I read, the movie was hilarious.

Tells about a series of silly events that happen when a disk containing memoirs of an ex-CIA agent ends up in the hands of two clueless gym employees who attempt to sell it and what follows are many screwball moments that could be taken as a satirical farce about USA Government procedures.

Because of my American humor issue I had very little expectations, but had to see it because of the cast that included some excellent actors like Tilda Swinton, Frances Mcdormand, Richard Jenkins and John Malkovich, besides the other two main Hollywood “stars” George Clooney and Brad Pitt. My impression is that besides Tilda other actors’ performances were average, but perhaps is useless for me to comment as I really saw actors trying too hard to only make caricatures of themselves.

Anyway the movie has two nominations in the Golden Globes as best picture comedy and Frances McDomand for Best Performance in a comedy; is nominated as Best Comedy in the Critics’ Choice Awards, is one of the National Board of Review Top Ten Films of 2008, won the TCM Audience Award at the 2008 San Sebastian Festival, and was the opening film (out-of-competition) at the 2008 Venice fest.

A must be seen for those that enjoy Coen brothers peculiar humor style and/or American humor, but if you don’t I suggest you skip it.

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