Wednesday, December 03, 2008

2008 Tokyo Filmex International Film Festival Award Winners

Last Sunday the fest closed and here are the winners.

Grand Prize: Waltz with Bashir, Ari Folman, Israel, France and Germany
We decided to attribute the grand prize to Waltz with Bashir because we believe it is a very important film, a film which provokes a very strong impact on the audience while inventing a new cinematographic language. The jury was particularly impressed with the intelligence with which dreamlike visions interact with historical facts and the use of the music as part of the narration.

Special Jury Prize
Treeless Mountain, So-yong Kim, South Korea and USA
It's a film overflowing with love. The two lead children are fabulous. We were moved to see how the two children matured so they would want to help their grandmother.

Survival Song, Yu Guang-yi, China
This film is not just a documentary about the life of poor people in rural China. There we see the real face of our every emotion - hatred, happiness, conflict, and hope. Through watching the film we had the chance to think about ourselves. We could see the director’s warm gaze onto humankind.

Agnes B. Award
Love Exposure
, Sono Sion, Japan

To check information about all the movies go here.

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