Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dobro ustimani mrtvaci (Well Tempered Corpses)

This Bejamin Filipovic 2005 black comedy is uneven with some interesting stories while others not so, but definitively shows lots of irony about the post-war “normalizing” life in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Interweaves several stories, two about wacky characters that take advantage of the post-war situation, one as a corrupt minister that likes to masturbate watching herself on TV and her husband dreaming about killing her, and the other about man that makes a train out of an international aid tractor. Then there is one about a gay couple that decided to come back from Amsterdam only to have a miserable life, and the last about a man dreaming of building a diesel airplane. All stories are joined in the morgue where most of the main characters end up and where two morgue employees spend their time betting how many cadavers will arrive.

Obviously the dark humor situations are used as a metaphors to the chaos that comes during post-war and those that were able to survive war, may not survive the uncertainty and chaotic times of post-war.

I do like dark humor but I have to admit that this dark humor is too foreign for me and I did not enjoy it much. But perhaps what bothered me is that none of the stories really engage the viewer that remains like an spectator and is not allowed to participate, so after a while when you have guessed the plots it becomes not only highly predictable but also quite tedious. One story was quite funny and little entertaining with the “homemade” railroad and the man dying only to resuscitate after a while, but that’s it.

No, I cannot recommend this movie.

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