Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dan sun bo lok (Single Blog)

I have been reading Hong Kong only reviews about this movie as I truly believe that this movie under western standards is terrible; but, there was something catching my eye as I watch it completely and that’s quite an achievement for a movie that if it didn’t had Chinese actors and setting I’m sure that I will have turned off quite fast.

The story is a comedy about three girls that live together in a posh district of Hong Kong and in a very nice modern apartment. Kitty (Rain Li) a reserved young woman that when caught her boyfriend cheating begins a transformation that will turn her into a careless, promiscuous and free woman; then there is Vivian (Jo Koo) that is hedonist and promiscuous that also goes her own transformation to end up faking being reserved when she falls for nerdy Don. Last we have the third roommate May (Monie Tung) that suffers a breakup and spirals into moodiness, only to reawaken thanks to the attentions of her new female boss Elley (Anya) and unfortunately this is the most underdeveloped story as yes is of lesbian interest but while being somehow intense for a brief moment, the whole story told in several moments doesn’t add up to 10 minutes.

Perhaps the main problem the movie has is that shots aimless here and there but gets nowhere. Still is a little entertaining and I even laughed at the silliness of awkward Chinese comedy.

Definitively one that many can skip unless you wonder how Hong Kong comedies can be today and want to see two attractive women fooling around with way too many guys and two also attractive women fooling around with each other.


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