Saturday, November 22, 2008

Butch Jamie

If you check my wish list you’ll notice that this Michelle Ehlen movie is or was not in there as truly I imagined that this would be one movie I will not like. Surprise, surprise! I did enjoy this movie and I even laugh a lot with the silliness of the movie. What I liked the most was the sharp sarcasm and the light satire of the movie industry.

Written by Michelle Ehlen, she also stars in the title role of Jamie an out-of-work butch lesbian actress that dressed as a femme goes to an audition that obviously does not work. Her gay friend David tells her to go to auditions like she really is and finally she gets a role that she’s hesitant to take, as she’s offered to play a man. Eventually she signs a confidentiality agreement to not tell anyone that she’s a woman and accepts the role. What follows is a highly predictable story, but this time I didn’t mind as it was quite fun to go into the voyage than reaching the destination.

Performances are acceptable and after a while you get used to the Jamie character style and start to enjoy all the silly things that happen. Production values are low, but then perhaps besides probably lacking a good budget, it was done in a mockumentary style, just as her next role with Howard the cat lol!

Not a masterpiece but a movie that could make you laugh/smile and as such I recommend it to many that read this blog and enjoy the lesbian interest genre.


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