Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Women

I know that almost every critic and many viewers trashed this movie, as they believe that the original 1939 movie was better. Well surely is, but this remake is a nice and entertaining adaptation of Clare Boothe Luce play to modern times and even if there was no outstanding something in the movie, all “the women” have acceptable performances.

According to me this movie has a story about female friendship, the friendship of Mary (Meg Ryan) and Sylvia (Annette Being); all the other female characters are secondary and move around them. Then I can’t help to think that there is nothing more complicated than trying to maintain your friendship in troubled times and when all the other women in your life have something to say and/or to do. This is what this movie is all about and as such I enjoyed watching it with a wide smile in my face.

As a matter of fact quite fast I got involved in the developing situations and started to simply enjoy watching in the screen the characters and I mention this as according to what I read most viewers were not positively impressed by the way the actresses look and forgot to remember that the actresses are playing characters. That’s one of the problems when you have an ensemble cast with so many recognizable actresses.

One character I truly disliked, Jada Pinkett Smith’s lesbian Alex Fisher that I do not believe is a bad performance by Smith, but the character was written as the most awful and stereotyped lesbian that totally didn’t fit the class of the main characters or the silliness of the others.

Then this is a story that is supposed to be about upper class women and well, come on, some of us know that at least Mary and Sylvia behavior was so typical of some ladies from real life.

In a nutshell, the movie is not a masterpiece but does a good job entertaining you, once you forget that there are so many good actresses together and think of this movie as a light comedy that you do not have to take very seriously.

Anyway, I have to accept that this is a girly movie that could be enjoyed by women that haven’t seen the original, like to see women life little and big nuances and enjoy watching only women during the whole movie! If there were men in the movie, I honestly do not remember seeing one.


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