Thursday, October 09, 2008

Mujeres Infieles (Unfaithful Women)

This 2004 movie by Rodrigo Ortuzar is a crowd pleaser that entertains you especially if you’re familiar with Latin American traditions and are in a irreverent mood like I am today when decided to watch it. The film is a true dramedy that feels and looks like a fancy soap opera, with some laughs, good tech specs and acceptable performances.

Tells the story of four women, one a famous TV personality that is having an affair with her boss; another having an affair with her husband’s son, a third that discovers toys and a last one that discovers that women are also possible sexual partners. The story is detonated by an interview where a psychologist tells about a United Nation survey that found that 62% of the Chilean women are unfaithful and all the stories have something in common, their husbands have neglected them.

So, if you feel like watching an irreverent film for entertainment purposes, then this movie will surely entertain you. It has some lesbian interest moments, but honestly this time I will not give the label as not even the characters involved take it as a lesbian moment, they were only drunk… (yeah sure, lol!).


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