Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LOGO Distribution

There are many ways you can see the box office figures shown in the many sites that offer the weekend ranking. The obvious one is to read the weekend gross ranking and for the weekend of October 24 to 26, 2008 the number one movie was High School Musical 3: Senior Year, which is no surprise at all.

But most interesting is to read the Average ranking as shows the relation between the Weekend Gross and the Theater Count (meaning the average made per theater that showed the movie). For example the High School movie made an average of US$11, 601 per theater as was shown in 3,623 theaters.

So, why I’m writing about this in this blog? Well, there is what I believe could be very good news for many that read this blog and have access to watch movies in American theaters.

The first film released through LOGO’s theatrical distribution arm became a “surprise” and a "schock amid batch of strong openers" for most mainstream news this weekend as achieved something that many of us know: LGBT movies have a wide audience, if only someone will released them in theaters near where we live!

There is no surprise for me that the first film LOGO released is of gay interest. Based on their popular TV series “Noah’s Arc: Jumping The Broom”, the film “Noah’s Arc” opened on 5 theaters, grossing US$151,681 and averaging US$30,336 per theater. The average puts this film slightly below Clint Eastwood’s Changeling, which averaged US$32,601 in 15 theaters and makes Noah’s Arc the number 2 in the average ranking! This is history in the making and hopefully this will motivate LOGO Distribution to release faster other LGBT movies, especially the most awaited ones from the lesbian interest genre that they have already acquired the distribution rights like Angelina Maccarrone’s Vivere.

With this quite outstanding news that today populate the net, I also hope that other LGBT distribution units follow the example and I’m talking to Here! that has the distribution rights for movies I’m just “dying” to see like The World Unseen and I Can’t Think Straight both by Shamin Sarif.

At the same time I do encourage many that read this blog and live in the USA to support the releases, if they do it. As we all know it takes “two to tango” and if this outstanding success can be duplicated once and many more times, I’m sure that the LGBT movies will slowly but surely become more available to the huge audience the genre has in the world, as if succeeds in America many other countries will follow.

So, let’s hope that Noah’s Arc success can be replicated many times more. If you want to check the ranking go here.

For those that the Logo name sounds familiar but do not know what it is, Logo is the parent company of the popular sites Afterellen and Afterelton, as well as the LGBT TV channel.


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