Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Le Nouveau Monde (The New World)

A very good made for TV movie by Etienne Dhaene that in the most credible and fresh way tells the story of a couple where one woman decides to have a baby and the other woman accepts to have a baby together. What follows are the most natural situations like trying to find a sperm donor, dealing with their parents that do not understand much the situation but each love their daughter, dealing with friends that now get bored as the two mothers only do baby talk, and many more situations that you’ll have to see.

The story is told with a fresh touch of humor; a lot of sensitivity for characters development and in the serious/problems moments there is no melodrama, everything really happens so natural that you end up believing that everything you’re able to see could be real. This is interesting for me as usually movies and storylines in TV shows with lesbian couples trying to or having babies bore me to death and this is the very first movie that truly keeps my attention, makes me like the characters and engage me in the story.

It does not bother that the two actresses are very good looking, but the best part is that they perform very good and make a couple that looks so common and natural that contributes to make a film full of warmth and humanity.

So this 2007 French TV movie is a must be seen in the genre and one that I highly recommend. Me, I like it much more than I could ever imagined.

Big Enjoy!!!

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