Monday, October 13, 2008

The Edge of Love

I suppose that this movie is about a slice of the life of laureate poet Dylan Thomas, but honestly what I saw in this movie is the unconsummated (or perhaps not…) love story between two women closely related to Dylan; one his childhood love, Vera, and the other, Caitlin, his wife and if you have doubts, just pay careful attention to two pieces of dialogue, one when Caitlin (Sienna Miller) tells Vera (Keira Knightley) that if she was a man she will fancy her and second the amazing words said in the very end.

Obviously as I saw that story I truly enjoyed the film a lot. If I haven’t found that story that some critics and including Lindsay Lohan called the story with “lesbian undertones” when she was still attached to the project, then I would have said that this movie is way too similar to Atonement as not only is set during WWII but also Vera’s husband goes to war and in this case, I would definitively say that Atonement is a superior movie and story.

So it will be easy to understand that I loved the performances by Knightley and Miller as both have some incredibly beautiful scenes together that make them look very sweet just like eye candy. Even when Kiera looks fabulous when singing, I have to admit that she cannot sing and was quite distracting to hear her. Still it is not a happy story as is a drama that shows attraction, jealousy and sort of vengeance, buy definitively is very entertaining.

Directed by John Maybury the movie as a movie has good cinematography with some excellent framing of the scenes with the two women together and performances by actors are acceptable with Matthew Rhys playing a very unpleasant Dylan Thomas and Cillian Murphy playing a non-remarkable William.

Not a masterpiece but very entertaining that I imagine could be a crowd pleaser that adult audiences could enjoy. Then I strongly suggest to those that enjoy lesbian interest movies to not miss this movie and to perhaps share with me if the saw the story the same way I did or not.


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