Friday, October 17, 2008


This 2005 film by Danish Christoffer Boe is interesting by itself as is an excellent movie, but unfortunately there are some references to Tarkovsky’s Stalker and becomes quite strange to watch if you remember that unforgettable movie.

The movie according to me is about emotions that connect us and Boe explores them by telling about successful concert pianist Zetterström (Ulrich Thomsen), who is completely out of touch with his memories. He’s so cold and stern that lives like there was no past and symbolically all his memories and past are kidnapped in an inexplicable hermetically sealed-off section of Copenhagen dubbed “the zone”. As he is invited to penetrate “the zone” he will regain his emotions and for the first time he will play the best concert of his life with passion.

There is a love situation that I particularly find unnecessary, as the story would have work the same without it. But then it was pleasant to watch as supermodel Helena Christensen plays Zetterström’s love interest.

As a movie is very interesting with great cinematography, framing, handheld camera angles, amazing lighting and sounds, outstanding directing and excellent performance by Ulrich Thomsen. The movie won the Robert for Best Cinematography at the 2006 Robert Festival and has some nominations, including being in competition for the Grand Jury Prize in World Cinema – Dramatic at 2006 Sundance.

I have the feeling that this is not an easy to watch and understand movie, but I believe that the love “situation” can become the easiest narrative to follow, even when there is no explanation to anything and you’ll have some clues to resolve the love story as you wish.

Absolutely not for all audiences, I believe that you have to enjoy art and/or avant-garde cinema to really appreciate this unusual and unique movie, that most critics and viewers relate to his previous film, Reconstruction, that now I’m looking forward to see. By the way and according to an interview I read with Boe, it was on purpose that he named the sealed section “the zone” and yes it is a direct reference to Tarkovsky.

Did I like the movie? Yes I did, as soon as I disassociate it to Tarkovsky’s Stalker. This is quite a memorable movie that I strongly recommend to everyone willing to give a try to remarkable and different cinema.


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