Monday, October 13, 2008

6th Morelia International Film Festival Award Winners

Yesterday this fest started and will run until October 12th, unfortunately their site is a little bit confusing and I have been browsing everything in Spanish and English and still are not clear about the competition and the awards.

But I found some interesting events like in the Special Programs section they have an homage to Mantarraya Productions for its 10 years anniversary and will screen 11 films (mainly shorts).

If I’m correct, in the competition they have the following sections: Michoacana, Mexican documentaries, Mexican shorts and Mexican movies. If you want to check the films the sections please go here.

But most interesting is the screening of one film that I have been looking forward to see and include in the Old Lesbian Interest section with the most accurate information and this fest is giving us the opportunity to record some information about this film. I’m talking about the 1951 film Muchachas de Uniforme. So, if you live in Mexico and you’re able to have a nice trip to Morelia, I suggest you do not miss this screening on Thursday October 9 at 4:00pm at Cinépolis Morelia Centro Sala:1.

Going back to the festival, the information in English is reduced but if you want to browse the fest site go here and if you want to watch some videos from the 2007 fest go here.

Update: Award Winners announced and here are some of the winners.

Best Mexican Feature Film: Los Bastardos (The Bastards), Amat Escalante
Audience Award for Mexican Feature Film: Cinco Días Sin Nora (Five Days Without Nora), Mariana Chenillo
Morelia Lab
Mexico Prize: Condones Encanto (Encancto Condoms), Ximena Urrutia
Latin American Prize: Proyecto 54 (Project 54), Gerardo Aguilar, Honduras
Best Pitching Prize: Nada Sobre Mi Padre (Nothing About My Father), Luciana Freitas, Brazil

To check all the award winners go here.

The site is hard to browse but in other places I found interesting news that I'm sharing.
Christian Mungiu spent most of the festival on the Mexican Feature Film Jury, but he got a chance to screen his 2007 Palme D'Or-winning Romanian drama "Four Months, Three Weeks and Two Days" on Friday night, where he requested that any Catholic members of the audience find him on the street after the film and share their opinions about the abortion-centered story. "People need to have an opinion of the film, and I've very curious to know what it is," Mungiu told indieWIRE. "What I like most about being here is that there are a lot of people coming to watch films. This is not happening in my country. It's so great to see people excited to watch films, no matter what kind."

So its nice to learn that Mungiu was the Jury President, that his amazing movie was screened in the fest and that he’s promoting discussion in a quite Catholic audience. Unfortunately I haven’t find any news relating to the discussion.

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