Wednesday, October 15, 2008

3rd Rome International Film Festival Lineup Update

This is one festival that I have been patiently waiting for them to announce their lineup and finally is here.

The fest has the following sections.

Anteprima - Première
Cinema 2008
L’Altro Cinema – Extra. Section films are here.
Alice nella Città. Section films are here.
L’Occhio sul Mondo – Focus. This year is dedicated to Brazil. Films are here.
Fabbrica dei Progetti films are here.

Official Selection

Cinema 2008
A Corte do Norte (Northern Land), João Botelho, Portugal, 2008 (based on Agustina Bessa Luis novel. Described as “a genuine monument to female freedom”, must be seen for me!)
Aide toi et le ciel t’aidera
(With a Little Help from Yourself). François Dupeyron, France, 2008
Baksy (Native Dancer), Guka Omarova, Kazakhstan, Russia and Germany, 2008
Cliente (A French Gigolo), Josiane Balasko, France, 2008 (yes, must be seen for me)
El Artista
(The Artist), Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn, Argentina and Italy, 2008,
Il Passato è una Terra Straniera (The Past is a Foreign Land), Daniele Vicari, Italy, 2008
Iri, Zhang Lu, South Korea, 2008
Le Plaisir de chanter (The Joy of Singing), Ilan Duran Cohen, France, 2008

Opium War, Siddiq Barmak, Afghanistan, Japan, South Korea and France, 2008
Resolution 819, Giacomo Battiato, France, Poland and Italy, 2008
Schattenwelt (Long Shadows), Connie Walter, Germany, 2008

Un Barrage contre le Pacifique (The Sea Wall), Rithy Panh, Cambodia, France and Belgium, 2008 (with Isabelle Huppert! A new version of Marguerite Duras’ novel with an unsual angle…)
Un Gioco da Ragazze (A Game for Girls), Matteo Rovere, Italy, 2008 (adaptation of Andrea Cotti story... yes, another must be seen)

Anteprima - Première
Easy Virtue,
Stephan Elliot, UK, 2008 (remake of Hitchcock 1928 film… hmm could be, but staring Jessica Biel???, then Kristin Scott Thomas is here!)
Galantuomini, Edoardo Winspeare, Italy, 2008
Good, Vicente Amorin, UK and Hungary, 2008 (could be, stars Viggo Mortensen!)
L’uomo che ama (The Man Who Loves), Maria Sole Tognazzi, Italy, 2008 (Monica Bellucci, Ksenia Rappoport and Marisa Paredes… must be seen for me!)
Parlami di Me, Brando De Sica, Italy, 2008
Pride and Glory, Gavin O’Connor, USA, 2008
Serce na dloni (A Warm Heart), Krzysztof Zanussi, Poland and Ukraine, 2008

Out of Competition

8/Huit/Eight By Jane Campion (The Water Diary), Gael Garcia Bernal (The Letter), Jan Kounen (The Story of Panshin Beka), Mira Nair (How Can It Be), Gaspar Noé (SIDA), Abderrahmane Sissako (Tiya’s Dream), Gus Van Sant (Mansion on the Hill), Wim Wenders (Person to Person) France, 2008 (wow!)
Der Baader Meinhof Komplex (The Baader Meinhof Complex), Uli Edel, Germany, 2008
The Duchess, Saul Dibb, UK, France and Italy, 2008
Parlez-moi de la pluie (Let it Rain), Agnès Jaoui, France, 2008
Sam hoi tsam yan (aka Shen Hai Xun Ren?) (Missing), Tsui Hark, Hong Kong, 2008
Si può fare (We Can Do That), Giulio Manfredonia, Italy, 2008

I knew (well, I was hoping...) that there will be new to the blog movies in this fest and gee almost all the sections have new movies. I will post the movies in the other sections as soon they have them in the official site that is here.

But if you can’t wait you can check the official press releases that are here and here that also have information about each movie, events and many other activities.

Update: To see all the films go here.

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