Thursday, October 02, 2008

17th Session of La Résidence de la Cinéfondation

Yesterday they announced the new 6 residents that the program will support the writing of, and help them prepare, their first or second feature film and here they are.

Anna Faur (Hungarian, 30) proposes, with Anyones (second feature), 4 portraits of women from different generations and social backgrounds, but who share the same concerns about their bodies and the feeling of being lost in this world.

Babak Amini (Iranian, 30), in Oil (first feature) examines the reactions of a soldier asked by the Iranian government to guard an oil well that is discovered in a Kurdish village on the Iraki border.

Aaron Fernandez (Mexican, 35) tells, in Les Heures Mortes (second feature), of the daily life of a young man, a motel employee, and his fascination for one of the female clients who regularly visits the place with her lover.

Alejandro Landes (Colombian, 27), in Porfidio (second feature), follows the journey of a man who is paralyzed by a bullet during a police raid, abandoned by his wife, and who has been waiting for social aid for 14 years.

Seng Tat Liew (Malaysian, 28) describes, in In What City Does it Live? (second feature), the reactions of villagers who go to help Pak Awang move an abandoned house towards the inside of the village so he can give it to his daughter as a wedding present.

Robin Weng (Chinese, 26), in Red Spider Lily (second feature), follows the journey of Nanyangzai, a demob soldier from the special armed forces, who is recruited in Japan by a gang boss who promises him easy money.

To read the official press release and find more information about the residents go here.

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