Friday, October 10, 2008

13th Pusan International Film Festival Award Winners

Today the fest had its closing ceremony and here are the award winners.

New Currents Award (tie)

Land of Scarecrows, Gyeong-tae Roh, Korea and France, 2008
Land of Scarecrows is a very powerful film about somebody who's trying to find the sexual identify. It’s a touching film about a woman who wants to be somebody else in the modern world that influenced her with pollution around her. Land of Scarecrows is also a very truthful picture and items about the pollutions and sexuality. You can’t define the character’s own self or way out of things because strong vision to search of identify and such was a fresh for us.

Naked of Defenses, Masahide Ichi, Japan, 2008
Naked of Defenses is about childless woman who meets pregnant woman in the factory. It is well directed and acted with realistic and identifying characters. Naked of Defenses is a film that comes from a heart. It also a well narrated and realistically portrayed about two women and has an unusual style.

Special Mentions
Members of the Funeral, Seung-bin Baek, Korea, 2008
Er Dong, Jin Yang, China, 2008

FIPRESCI Award: Jalainur, Zhao Ye, China, 2008
Netpac Award: Members of the Funeral, Seung-bin Baek, Korea, 2008 and Treeless Mountain, So Yong Kim, USA and Korea, 2008
Audience Award: 100, Chirs Martinez, Philippines, 2008

To check all the winners go here.

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