Thursday, September 25, 2008

Restul e Tacere (The Rest Is Silence)

Not exactly what I was hoping for but it is not a bad movie, the problem is that it looks like many other movies that tell their country story of better times turn sour by depicting something else, in this case by telling about the making of a film within the film. This comedy/satire and drama by Nae Caranfil is more a crowd pleaser than anything else, but he has a hard time keeping the comedy/satire and telling all the little subtleties at the same time and even when the movie starts in a great fun to watch style, too soon goes into more sedative moments.

According to what I read is based on a real story and the film that fictionally is made in this movie actually exists and was recently restored, so what you seen peppered in the whole movie is the real movie from 1912.

The movie tells about a young director that wants to film the Romanian independence war and finds financing by tricking one of the richest men in the country, only to find that the trick comes back to him. In the first half there are some very clever moments that just made me laugh, like when no one understands what a movie director job is supposed to be, gee did I laugh as is so true still today.

As a movie is nice as recreates the time when Bucharest was the little Paris with a nice mise-en-scene and a camera that mainly follows the actors and not much else.

Well, honestly the movie didn’t excited any of my senses as has a very old fashion style that totally does not correspond to the idea that I been forming about recent Romanian cinema, an idea that comes from watching outstanding movies with a very particular and amazing style.

So, if you are excited about the New Romanian cinema as I am, I suggest you skip this movie as absolutely does not belong to the new wave.

I have no idea what the natural target of this movie is and I tend to believe that is suited for older audiences that enjoy old fashion European movies.

No, I cannot recommend this movie. Then I tend to believe that has possibilities with the Oscar as is so old fashion as much as how the selecting members taste seems to be (lol!).

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